Our Story


In the van on the way back to the Port-au-Prince airport after an immensely transformational girls' trip, eight women decided that even though their short vacation had come to an end, their work to impact the country, and the world, was just about to begin.


It started as mainly a vacation, with a couple of short trips to visit Martine's former co-workers at the school where she taught in Port-au-Prince and an orphanage where one of her former students worked. While the staff and kids at the orphanage and school really appreciated our presence, we decided an occasional gift-bearing visit was not enough, and that we could use our brains, hearts, resources, and networks to do so much more on an ongoing basis to improve the conditions of the areas we visited. We asked the staff what they needed most, and what we could do to help. With things like hygiene items and knowledge of how to accommodate those who are differently-abled and learn uniquely among their answers, we felt compelled to advocate for those who found such great value in things we had often taken for granted.


Thus, Travel and GIVE was born, ready to transform global communities.

The bonds created amongst our founders were nothing less than magical. For some, it was their first time meeting outside of text messages. For others, it was their first time traveling internationally with a group. For all, it was the beginning of a new way to approach traveling and giving back to the communities who welcome and give so much perspective to us. Based on that foundation we imbue all of our volunteer teams with the sense of camaraderie, curiosity and true care for the people of each nation, and make a key part of each mission to,

"come as strangers, and leave as friends." 


We thank Haiti (Ayiti) for welcoming and empowering our founders with the spirit of revolution and fueling our plan and commitment to influence real change in every place our travels take us.

"We all do better if we do it together."

Our Mission

We work to improve the quality of life of youth, ages birth-21, with speech, learning, mental, and physical disabilities through direct services, advocacy, and training-based service projects.


Our Vision

Increase Global Impact/Inclusion by

continuously providing professional and skilled Volunteers. Provide sponsorship for education and specialized programs internationally targeting communities that fall within the most underserved communities. 

Meet the Founders

These are the real people who are making the connections, sending the emails, scheduling the meetings, raising the money, writing the notes - doing everything it takes to

keep this organization alive and well.




Martine Harris, Travel & GIVE Founder and President

Martine Harris

Founder & President

Clinical Speech & Language Pathologist

Maxine Woodhouse.PNG

Maxine Woodhouse


Speech & Language Pathologist

alvin creswell linkedin.jpeg

Alvin B. Creswell



Rose Philippe

T&G Pic Tamara C..jpg

Tamara Easley


Kimmerly Harrell

T&G Pic - Alison M.jpg

Alison Matous

Lawrence Miner Jr.jpeg

Lawrence Miner, Jr.

Advisory Team

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Alison Anthonisz-Thornton

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Pat Tomanelli

Tamika Magloire.jpeg

Tamika Magloire


Monica Longmire

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