Our Hearts Were In the Right Place

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

How fortunate I was to have participated in Travel and GIVE’s service trip to Haiti!

Such a well rounded opportunity to be exposed to Haitian culture while providing direct service to children and staff in the orphanages. 

This trip exceeded my expectations! Haiti was full of activity where everyone seemed busy and on a mission. Being a passenger in a van was like the thrill (or terror) of riding a roller coaster due to the bumpy roads and chaotic driving because of no operational traffic signals (I was told that power could be iffy in the city).  It was definitely more tranquil and green up in the mountains. This was where we stayed in a boutique hotel and went hiking in the village of Obleon to visit and distribute donations to a family.  We were so high up during the hike that I felt like I was close to heaven and on top of the world!  The views were so breathtaking that I had a wall calendar made when I returned home of all of the beautiful scenes.

I had several “ah ha” moments, as Oprah likes to say, when helping out in the orphanages.  While it’s easy to focus on the deprivation, the fact that many of the children were engaged with bright smiles on their faces and openly received assistance was truly inspirational.  Granted, we didn’t have all of the tools needed and weren’t able to solve all of the challenges that we faced, but we problem solved and did the best we could with what we had in that moment and our efforts seemed appreciated.  All of the volunteers had different skill sets, some more specialized than others. But, no matter what the skill set, our hearts were in the right place and we all had something to contribute.

Rebecca Dean, School Social Worker

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