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Bahati was given up for adoption by her biological mother. Her father is unknown and
her mother had no interest in taking care of her at all. The Angel Centre stepped in to rescue Bahati after the children’s office contacted us. Bahati has been with the Angel Centre since.

My Story

Bahati Angel

My age:
1.5 years
March 21
I live in:
Nairobi, Kenya
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Your student donation will cover tuition, daily hot lunch, school supplies, and uniforms for one elementary to high school-aged child for

one school year.

Your orphanage donation will provide diapers, baby formula,

medical care, food, and shelter for a child under school-age.

Help us to provide even more assistance to those in need by making an additional contribution.

As a committed sponsor, you will receive a semi-annual update sent to the email address you
provided in June and December of 2020 regarding your child's academic and health progress, as well as

an updated photo.

In Summary