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Launching January 2022

Providing quality therapeutic support in the areas of speech, occupational, and physical therapy, behavior management, and mental health services through a distance learning model.

Partners in Kenya:
Angel Centre for Abandoned Children
Almasi School
Partner in Haiti:

Our partner schools and orphanages in Haiti and Kenya serve many children with developmental delays, who do not have access to professional service providers. These children are put at a disadvantage because they are not exposed to environments that elicit their language, fine motor, gross motor skills and address their mental health state at an early age. Related health services such as speech and occupational therapy, and mental health services are not common professions in Haiti or Kenya.

In January 2022, Travel & GIVE is launching a TeleHealth program run by licensed professionals to provide support in the areas of speech, occupational and physical therapies, behavior management, and mental health services through a distance learning model. 


Our partners will have access to virtual professional development courses and therapeutic techniques through a shared cloud drive.  They can apply these techniques to their everyday routines with students. A Travel & GIVE volunteer professional will meet with each partner when assistance is needed.


With this telehealth program, staff in Haiti and Kenya will gain the knowledge and skills needed to identify children with delays and apply basic therapeutic strategies with the support of TAGvolunteers.  

Travel & GIVE volunteers will visit affiliated partners in Haiti two to three times per year and in Kenya once a year to provide hands-on therapy and support for caregivers and children.

How to Support

To support our TeleHealth program, please visit


Contact us at


Follow us on Instagram: @travel_give


The organizations we partner with must have:

  • Access to reliable Wifi

  • Access to Email

  • Access to Google Drive and Powerpoint to view professional development courses

Staff willing to commit to the program by:

  • Engaging in professional development courses

  • Completing screeners for students with to identify learners needs

  • Creating and updating files for students they choose to have in the program

  • Provide hands-on-therapy 30-60 minutes per month to students in the program with the support of a TAG volunteer 

  • Meetings 1x/month either virtually or via e-mail to communicate regarding professional development, questions/concerns, and students’ progress. 

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