Grocery stores in low-income neighborhoods stock less variety of healthy foods but provide more access to fast-food restaurants. Additionally, in low-income areas, approximately 30 million children nationwide rely on free or reduced-price lunches provided by their schools in order to eat daily.


With schools still closed this fall due to COVID, many children are going without food. With families adjusting to distance learning, it’s certainly a trying time for parents with young children. For parents with children with special needs, it’s been especially hard to balance working full time while ensuring that their child is attending regular school hours and therapy services online. Parents of children with disabilities have described feelings of burn-out and hopelessness.

Travel & GIVE has teamed up with the meal prep company, Trifecta, to deliver 20 prepared meals weekly to families of children with disabilities in low-income areas in the Greater Los Angeles area. Trifecta delivers well-balanced, nutritious meals to families’ doors every Friday morning.

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